This unique Talent Advanced Program (TAP) is designed for 48 first-year students who are admitted to Commonwealth Honors College and UMass Amherst as biological science majors - invitation and application required.  Invitation to the TAP is based on criteria set by the Biology department. Invitations are sent to students in late winter/early spring.

Students in BioTAP will be living in Sycamore Hall, a first-year hall located in the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community. 

When you join this TAP you will...

  • Enroll in a special, first-year honors level biology course - available exclusively to BioTAP students. 
  • Enroll in a one-credit seminar created specifically for this program.  The seminar is taught by experienced faculty members and will help students discover the invaluable resources and opportunities available at UMass Amherst.   
  • Share your living and learning experience with other high-achieving students in your major. 
  • Experience a variety of opportunities that will help you make a successful transition to the academic and social life at UMass.
  • Have the chance to work closely with faculty members through a variety of academic opportunities offered by the department. 
  • Explore academic and/or professional opportunities related to your interests and goals.

This program is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other motivated Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pre-Med majors, make connections to faculty, and learn about the goals and opportunities available within biological sciences departments at the University!

In addition to the opportunities listed above, students in the BioTAP will have the advantage of upper class mentors who will live in the same corridor as TAP students to provide academic and personal support. These mentors work closely with the BioTAP faculty and provide programming exclusively for the BioTAP students.

If you were invited to this program, please be aware that there are still important steps you must take in order to become a member of the TAP.

1. Complete the application.

2. If accepted, you MUST CONFIRM your participation by following the steps outlined on the How to Join page.