Two distinct programs have been developed for students who have been accepted to Isenberg School of Management. These programs are all located in Oak House, one of the first-year buildings in Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC). Students can enroll in an Economics course (required for all Isenberg majors). Each program requires a 1-credit Isenberg Honors RAP seminar designed to enhance their experience in their program. Students in this Honors RAP are expected to live with others in their Isenberg Honors RAP.

  • Isenberg Honors: World of Possibilities and Business will be located in Oak Hall. Students in this Isenberg Honors RAP can enroll in Economics 103H and are required to take the one-credit seminar "Thrive" (please see description below).
  • Isenberg Honors: Special Topics in Business will be located in Oak House. Students in this program can enroll in Economics 103H, and are required to take the one-credit seminar "Business Seminar" (description coming soon). The second semester in this program will require the one-credit seminar "Emerging Services and Products" (which you can read about below).

*There is no application required for these Honors RAPs. Students are eligible to join on a first-come basis.