Students can be any major to live in this RAP, and will be living with someone else who has chosen this Honors RAP. This program is designed for students who have an interest in the sciences or mathematics as the courses they choose from will be among those. Students choose ONE course from a list of math and science courses (after taking the math placement test and meeting with their academic advisor during New Student Orientation). 


We are excited to announce that the Science & Math Honors RAP will have two locations in fall 2015:


--One program will be located in Sycamore Hall, one of the first-year buildings located in the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community. Students in this section of Science & Math Honors RAP will choose a section of Ideas that Change the World in addition to their math or science course for this Honors RAP (course descriptions below). 


--The other will be located in Melville Hall, a low-rise Honors Living-Learning Community located in southwest. Students in this section of Science & Math Honors RAP will take a 1-credit Front Page seminar where they will have the opportunity to discuss current events from the science field in addition to the selected math or science honors course (course descriptions below).