Whether you are a seasoned traveler with broad international interests or someone who is venturing beyond the United States for the first time, ISP has something to offer.

The International Scholars Program combines academic learning with a period of study abroad in order to provide students with the global competencies they will need to become informed and effective citizens of our ever-expanding world. The program invites all honors students, regardless of major, to develop a concentration in international studies and cross-cultural communication as a supplement to their regular disciplinary work.

Students who would like to take their global education a step further might consider the International Scholars Program Certificate. This undergraduate certificate builds on ISP, adding a three-course supplemental curriculum that students design to meet their personal, academic and professional goals. Students who complete the certificate receive an official designation on their final UMass transcript.

ISP and the ISP Certificate

  • familiarize students with a wide range of international issues
  • encourage students to see the world through the eyes of another culture
  • prepare students for the challenges of being abroad
  • build a community of scholars
  • enable students to engage in international research
  • help students plan for the future and embark on international careers
  • provide scholarship support for study abroad

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