What's New At Honors: 12-06-2011

For Spring 2012 the Honors College is offering several 1-credit seminars in various areas of professional development and leadership.  These "Gateway" seminars are listed under 495 course numbers and include:


495A-Leadership in a Global Community

495B-Front Page II

495F-Computer Competency Certification

495G-Preparing for Graduate School


HONORS 495A -- GW- Leadership in a Global Community

Instructor: David Vacchi

THURS 2:30-3:20, Goodell 406A

SPIRE Class # 70842, 1 Cr

Leadership in a Global Community is a course designed to introduce future leaders to the concepts of leadership theory that help inform leadership in a global community and may help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student's particular style while reflecting on ways to improve and become better prepared to lead in the 21st Century.  In this course, students will study leadership concepts of many perspectives to develop a vision statement.  Students will also learn to about ethics in leadership and how this contributes to leading inclusively.  Students will also begin an exploration into becoming a transformational leader by challenging some of the stereotypes of successful leaders.



HONORS 495B -- GW-Front Page II: Perspectives in U.S. Public Policy

Instructor: John Hird

MON 4:00-5:00, Goodell 406A

SPIRE Class # 70609, 1 Cr

This course will engage students in reading major newspapers and reflecting upon and discussing contemporary public policy issues. I welcome students from all majors, as the principal prerequisite is an interest in learning more about current public affairs and discussing this with your peers. The course is not a debate, but a reflective and critical inquiry into the major public policy issues facing the U.S. and learning from differing perspectives. All serious perspectives are welcomed, as the course is discussion based, not a lecture. You'll read one or more newspapers from the previous week and we'll discuss major themes in class. It's a great way to keep up with the news, learn about new perspectives from the readings and your peers, and reflect on contemporary U.S. public policy.



HONORS 495F -- GW-Computer Competency Certification

Instructor: Patricia Galvis-Assmus

FRI 10:10-11:00, Fine Arts Center rm 447 SPIRE Class # 70987, 1 Cr

This is an Honors Gateway Seminar. Covered throughout the semester are the basics of applications that are used or will be used during your academic and professional careers. Your preparation and knowledge will not only help and prepare you to work more efficiently, it will also help you be a more viable candidate in life after UMass. Bottom line - the ins and outs of computers, word processing, spread sheets, formats, imaging, the internet, digital research, etc. One topic is covered per week. Certification granted upon successful completion of course.



HONORS 495G -- GW-Preparing for Graduate School

Instructor: Carlos Suarez-Carrasquillo

WED 9:05-9:55 am, Goodell 406A

SPIRE Class # 70769, 1 Cr

This course will provide students with the experience of preparing themselves for pursuing graduate studies in the Social Sciences. The seminar will offer an overview of the different factors that are important for a successful graduate school application process. Some of the topics included are discussing what graduate programs expect out of their students, searching for the right program, the GRE, and what type of experiences students should pursue in order to enhance their file. Finally by the end of the course, students will be in position of having their documents ready in order to apply for graduate school programs.