What's New At Honors: 05-11-2018

On Friday, May 11, the Commonwealth Honors College celebrated the hard work, perseverance, and success of 1,025 University of Massachusetts Amherst graduates. Amid the flurry of Commencement activities, the Celebration of Excellence was a pivotal moment when each graduate received their hard-earned gold stole and had a chance to show their appreciation to all who made the moment possible. Friends and colleagues celebrated the journey and shared their hopes for success in the future. Families beamed with pride as they met or reconnected with the team of advisors, mentors, and faculty that helped their graduates chart their course. Commonwealth Honors College Dean, Gretchen Gerzina, remarked that “It's your time to make the world better for us all. You are an unstoppable force!” A statement that echoes the sentiment of everyone here at the Honors College.

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