What's New At Honors: 01-28-2019

The Center for EcoTechnology is seeking candidates for an 11-month paid fellowship position, in which they will work with staff on various climate action initiatives and educational programming in western Massachusetts. Based in Northampton, EcoFellows will be involved in a variety of departments, such as:

  1. Communications – including social media, video production, graphic design, and content generation
  2. Community Outreach & Engagement – including tabling, presentations, educational outreach, and data tracking and reporting
  3. Building Science – including shadowing energy-efficiency projects, attending professional trainings, and generating content for external communications and case studies.
  4. Program Operations – including data tracking, regional waste-reduction programs, and shadowing waste and energy specialists

Specifically, the Center for EcoTechnology is looking for college graduates with an interest in energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, climate change, and recycling and resource conservation. For more information about the position, you can find the description here.