What's New At Honors: 11-09-2017

Calling all CHC English, History, Political Science, Communication, Economics, and Psychology Majors!

Applications are now open for the... 2018 UMass Oxford Summer Seminar!

The Summer Seminar is a 6-week program of study at Trinity College (part of Oxford University) in Oxford, England.  Started in 1966, it is the one of the longest running study abroad programs in Oxford.  Over the course of 6 weeks, students take 2.5 classes for a total of 10 credits.

The two major classes are Honors classes and can be used toward requirements in the Commonwealth Honors College.  It's a great value for your money, and many who have attended report that the seminar has helped them graduate on-time or early.

All credits comes in as UMass Amherst credits and thus can be used very easily by Five-College students.

English, History, Economics, Psychology, Communication, and Political Science majors on the program can satisfy distribution and elective requirements by taking courses such as Jane Austen and her Age, Shakespearean Families, Creative Writing, British Detective Fiction, British Politics, British Perspectives on the American Revolution, The Economics of Brexit, Deductive Reasoning, and Children, Teens, and Media.  As you think about your spring courses, why not think ahead to summer, too?

Check out our website here.

Scholarships are available for CHC students to attend this program. For more information you can visit this link.

There will be an information session on Wednesday, November 29th at 4:00 p.m. in South College E370.  (Note:  You do not need to attend the information session to apply.)