What's New At Honors: 04-02-2019

Animal Science 581H, Cancer Biology, will be taught in the Fall as a Honors course by Dr. Joseph Jerry and Dr. Leonid Pobezinsky; both professors in the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department.

The course covers changes in the prevalence of cancer and contemporary diagnostics and treatments. While these have dramatically decreased mortality, cancer continues to claim more than 585,000 lives annually. Therefore, the focus will be on the mechanisms that are corrupted in cancer cells and the differences in vulnerability among tissues, the technologies used to define pathways and lessons learned. Equally important are the strategies being used to exploit the vulnerabilities of tumors for personalized and targeted therapeutics.

Students are expected to have completed courses in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Prereqs: Either AnSci 200, Biochem 275, or Biol 285 AND either AnSci 311 or Biol 283, any with grade of C or better. Instructor consent required.

ANIMLSCI 581H (Course#35784)
Title: Cancer Biology 
Days/Times: Tu/Th, 1:00 pm -2:15 pm