What's New At Honors: 04-09-2018

Learn about the history of the Asian/Pacific/Americans in a meaningful and in-depth way. The course deals with not only the history of Asian/Pacific/Americans but also the principles and practice of civic-engagement. Apart from readings and reports, there will be two structured visits to the underserved Asian American communities (e.g., participation in the celebration of a religious festival or community project) in Pioneer Valley. You also will get to choose a final project (e.g., doing an oral history project or helping organize the Khmer New Year’s celebration at UMass) for a particular community. Themes to be included are racism, imperialism, colonialism, civic engagement, globalization, neo-liberalism, war, immigration, refugee, and ethnicity. For more details, please contact Richard T. Chu (rtchu@history.umass.edu).

Course name: Hi 253H-01 Asian/Pacific/American History Hons (4 units)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00-2:15 p.m. in Herter 205
Satisfies Honors, Gened DU, and civic-engagement certificate requirements