What's New At Honors: 12-19-2016

Have you ever thought about the role of maps in society beyond their practical applications? Today many of use maps on a daily basis and it has become increasingly easy for ‘ordinary’ people to create their own. But what is a map? How have maps, and the purposes they serve, changed over time? In what ways has map-making been connected to politics and the exercise of power in different areas of the world between the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries?

If you are interested in exploring such questions and refining your writing skills at the same time, consider taking “Maps, Politics, and Power” in Spring 2017 (Tues Thurs 10-11:15). You can find the course on Spire under HIST 450-JYW Seminar in History.

Contact the instructor (Heidi V. Scott) at hvscott@history.umass.edu with questions.