What's New At Honors: 04-23-2018

Honors 323H, Junior Year Common Experience: How the 1960s Changed America 
Lecture: Wednesdays 4-5:30PM.
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Attention CHC juniors and seniors: enroll now in the innovative honors course "How the 1960s Changed America." As a General Education SB and DU course, it may be used by CHC students to fulfill either a General Education honors course requirement, or for students on the Multidisciplinary Honors track to fulfill the any-level or 300-or-higher level honors course requirement. 

Each week during this course, a different faculty expert speaks on a topic such as medicine and healthcare, the Civil Rights Movement, marketing and the consumer, the Women's Movement, environmentalism, student activism, as well as the Space Program with speacial speaker, NASA astronaut Cady Coleman ('91 alum). Why the 1960s? Many of the things we accept as modern social, political, artistic and scientific movements have their roots in the 1960s. By reviewing the historical record of changes in the 1960s, students will see how interactions across groups and fields of endeavor propel or retard progress, be it social, political, scientific, or artistic. Viewing change as a complex system of dynamics will help students understand current issues in areas like racial identity and tension, political polarization, economic inequality, and scientific progress.

The objective of the course is to provide a common experience for CHC students in their junior year. While designed for juniors to provide exposure to a variety of topics and approaches that may help in framing a senior thesis/project, this course is also open to seniors. 

(Image): "End the War Now! Bring the Troops Home." by Wystan is licensed under CC BY 2.0