What's New At Honors: 11-08-2018

Attention, CHC Seniors!!

In 45 seconds or less, tell us about your Honors thesis/project. 

Be creative.  Keep it simple.  Have fun.

Grab your phone and make a video that tells your story about your work and your journey. 

Below are some ideas/suggestions we hope will inspire your creativity:

  • Share why you chose your research topic
  • Point out the implications of your research on our world 
  • share the impact of the research journey on you
  • Display a talent (play an instrument, rap, paint, yodel, dance, juggle, etc.) 
  • Relate your thesis/project to something that just happened in the news or a current issue
  • Relate your work to what you want to do after you graduate
  • Relate your work to your passions
  • Talk in multiple languages (with translation please)
  • Include illustrations or props  
  • Travel off campus for part of your video
  • Do a cartwheel 
  • Show the three spots that you spent the most time at while working 
  • Do three of the above at once
  • Include recommendations for further reading/information  

Prizes will be awarded to three outstanding videos.

Videos must include your full name and major. Upload your video to your Google drive and share it with communications@honors.umass.edu by Friday, November 30.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, December 12.