What's New At Honors: 12-13-2018

HONORS 499DZ, Digital Communication & Society

Instructor: Jarice Hanson, Professor Emeritus of Communication

Monday and Friday, 9:05PM-12:05PM *

* Students will meet in seminar format with the professor on Mondays 9:05PM-12:05PM. An additional time block is reserved on Fridays 9:05PM-12:05PM for students to 1) interact with the professor and each other online, 2) meet individually with the professor, or 3) meet in small groups.

This is a 6-credit, one-semester honors thesis seminar. No pre-requisites, open to all senior and junior Commonwealth Honors College students. Open to registration on SPIRE. Students from all majors may enroll.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Internet and social media have reshaped our understanding of basic information literacy and access to information, but how have these changes influenced our human behavior and the value we place on information in a country dedicated to supporting First Amendment principles? This course will examine the Internet from conception to Web 2.0, and the digital platforms that have developed to facilitate immediate interaction over the “spine” of the Internet. Students in this course will examine several aspects of contemporary digital communication as they develop their own Honors Thesis.

This course has been designed to help students complete their thesis in one semester, while considering the impact digital communication technologies play in forming our sense of values and what it means to be an informed citizen. Students will develop a thesis related to their own majors while integrating their experiences as a student. The topic should investigate the way digital communications not only influence their future as well as how digital communications might change or reinforce the principles the student is learning within their own major. Additionally, students will produce a digital portfolio to help them market themselves to potential employers. The digital portfolio will include their thesis and links to any other research the student would like to highlight, as well as the students’ resume. The purpose of the digital portfolio is to put into practice one of the elements of the course; a professionally-oriented digital persona that helps the student become competitive in their own field.