What's New At Honors: 10-01-2018

Have you considered a career in public service? Are you interested in learning more about leadership? Do you want to gain hands-on experience, expand your professional network, and jump-start your career? Join UMass Women into Leadership (UWiL)! 

What is UWiL?

UWiL is a competitive leadership training and professional development program that seeks to prepare undergraduates from the state’s flagship, public university for public leadership after graduation. Participants apply to UWiL in the fall and enroll in a 1 credit course in the spring.

Designed to provide hands-on training and practical preparation for a career in public leadership, UWiL offers:

  • Leadership training through workshops and professional development activities,
  • Shared community through assigned mentors and networking opportunities,
  • Academic instruction through a 1 credit spring semester Political Science course, and
  • Applied experience through internships and job shadowing, including scholarship support for unpaid or low-paying positions.

How do I apply?

Apply online here. Applications are due October 15.