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Honors College Events

Ceremony to recognize Commonwealth Honors College graduates.

Open Courses

This summer, HONORS 201H, Ideas that Change the World (4 credits, GenEd “I”) is being offered online during both Summer Session 1 (May 22 – June 30) and Session 2 (July 10 – August 18). Instructor: Dr. Susan Ware. Course Description: In this honors course, we will examine groundbreaking ideas... Read More
If you are not planning to do an individually-contracted Honors Thesis or Project, consider one of the following seminar courses that fulfill the Commonwealth Honors College culminating experience requirement. Thesis seminars are structured so that students complete their honors thesis in a... Read More
This course examines the legal status of women in the United States, focusing specifically on the 20th and 21st centuries. How has the law used gender, sex, sexuality, and race to legally enforce inequality between women and men (and among women)? We will examine the legal arguments feminists have... Read More
Following its spring pilot, this new honors course, “How the ’60s Changed America,” is being expanded. Each week, a different faculty expert speaks on a different topic such as medicine and health care, the Civil Rights Movement, marketing and the consumer, the Women’s Movement, environmentalism,... Read More

Campus Announcements and Activities

Drop in and celebrate the 22nd-anniversary publication of mOthertongue: the Multilingual Journal of the Arts! Meet the contributors! Hear the pieces performed! Pick up a copy of the journal! Food provided! Special Guest Speakers: Patrick Donnelly- Poet Laureate of of Northampton, MA, and Matthew... Read More
Undergraduate students from across Massachusetts are selected to present the results of their research, creative work,  independent study, community service, or study abroad. The conference is attended by students, faculty, and the public.