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Open Courses

Have you ever thought about the role of maps in society beyond their practical applications? Today many of use maps on a daily basis and it has become increasingly easy for ‘ordinary’ people to create their own. But what is a map? How have maps, and the purposes they serve, changed over time? In... Read More
History 393NH: Nazi Germany is still enrolling for the spring 2017 semester. The course will examine how a nation that was a leader in science and the arts could give rise to extremist (utopian) politics on the Left (Communism) and the Right (Nazism). We will look at how the progressive democracy... Read More
Why have Latin Americans joined social movements, often at high personal risk? When have those movements achieved their goals, and what common obstacles have they faced? Study labor movements, student movements, LGBTQ organizing, and other efforts in Latin American countries in the course "... Read More

Achievements and Accolades

Chaitra Gopalappa, CHC professor in industrial engineering, was invited to present at the National Academy of Sciences'... Read More