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Academic Opportunities

Why Fruit Flies may Someday Save Your Life: A Discussion of Model Organisms, Nobel Prizes, and Cancer It may surprise you to learn that fruit fly researchers often forget that fruit flies are insects. Indeed, we often think of the fruit flies, like Drosophila melanogaster, as simplified humans or... Read More
The CHC Writing Coach, Dixie Brown, is available in the CHCRC Elm classroom wing (room 235) on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to work with CHC students on their writing – structure and editing, style and process, class papers and thesis sections. See... Read More

Honors College Events

You are invited to attend the second workshop in the series, "The Honors Thesis/Project Series: We'll Get You There!"  This interactive workshop, led by Professor Gordon Wyse, will address the following questions -  How do you work this research thing? What kinds of research are suitable for a... Read More
"Rethinking Western Massachusetts: What the Princes and DuBois Can Tell Us about Our Past" Commonwealth Honors College Dean Gretchen Gerzina will be delivering the Fall 2017 Plenary Lecture. This year, she discusses how though W.E.B. DuBois was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts in 1868, over... Read More
Families of current CHC students are invited to a program that explores opportunities in Commonwealth Honors College through interviews with a faculty member, two current students and a CHC program director. This program is part of the campus-wide Family Weekend programming. RSVP at: https://apps.... Read More

Internships and Employment

Commonwealth Honors College is hiring an Undergraduate Research Conference Coordinator and Administrative Support staff member. This position takes the lead in planning and organizing the statewide Undergraduate Research Conference, which takes place annually at the end of April. Duties include... Read More

Campus Announcements and Activities

Jennifer Lawless, Professor of Government and Director of the Women and Politics Institute at American University, will present "Why Women Don’t Run for Office and What Happens When They Do." She will discuss claims of bias against female candidates in American politics, and argue that the problem... Read More
Sustainathon at UMass, on October 20-21 in Herter 227. Students of all majors interested in sustainability are invited to apply to Sustainathon at UMass. Students will work together in interdisciplinary teams to come up with creative solutions to greening the campus within a 24-hour window. The... Read More