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From the Dean: All Good News!

Paige Warren, associate professor of environmental conservation, will present the Daffodil Lecture "From a Silent Spring to a Noisy One: The Domestication of Biodiversity in an Urbanizing World." Cities can be sources of novelty, hotspots of resource inputs, and drivers of evolutionary change--but... Read More

Academic Opportunities

Applications are open for the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) 2018-2019 Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence. This opportunity for undergraduate students from historicially underrepresented groups offers a paid internship working in the discipline of library and information... Read More

Scholarships and Support

Learn about applying for post-graduate nationally competitive scholarships that bring students to research arenas and universities in the British Isles and Ireland. You’ll hear about opportunities for such scholarships as Gates-Cambridge, Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Churchill, to name a few.... Read More


Are you presenting at or attending the Massachusetts Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference? For the latest updates and news, follow @MassURC on Twitter, massachusetts_urc on Instagram, and... Read More
CHC is looking for a graduating honors student to speak for 3 to 5 minutes during the Celebration of Excellence ceremony on Friday, May 11. If you're interested in applying to be this speaker, please send a 3-4 page (double spaced)... Read More
The Commonwealth Honors College Celebration of Excellence will take place on May 11, 2018 and we are putting together a publication to acknowledge all our 2018 CHC graduates.  To be included, seniors need to confirm their honors... Read More
The Commonwealth Honors College is collecting photos to showcase seniors' journey through both the Honors College and UMass. Photos will be used to create a slideshow to be displayed during the Celebration of Excellence ceremony on... Read More
Ceremony to Recognize Commonwealth Honors College Graduates.The Commonwealth Honors College “Celebration of Excellence” will take place on Friday May 11, at the Mullins Center.Graduates are asked to arrive at 12:15 p.m. wearing their cap and gown. The procession will begin at 1:15 p.m. and the ... Read More
Are you interested in law school? In the process of applying to law school? Get your questions answered at Meet the Law, a networking dinner with UMass Amherst alumni attorneys, sponsored by Commonwealth Honors College and the UMass Amherst Pre-Law Advising Office. Alumni from a variety of practice... Read More
Volunteer to be a Marshal for the 2018 Celebration of Excellence on Friday, May 11th at 1:30 pm, in the Mullins Center.  During this Commonwealth Honors College event, we acknowledgethe achievements of all graduating CHC seniors and present them with their gold stoles. We need the help of first-... Read More

Honors College Events

Today, the Smithsonian holds more than 2 million cultural artifacts. But where did these objects come from? Why were they brought to a museum in Washington D.C. and what motivated people to work hard to preserve them for so many years? This talk will explore how "salvage anthropology" became a... Read More
For more than half a century, relentless miniaturization of computer technology was the gift that kept on giving: as the essential components became smaller, they also became faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient. Had this not been the case, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other familiar... Read More
Are you working on or considering an Honors Thesis/Project? Join us at this workshop for engineering and computer science majors. We will talk about what a Thesis/Project is, and answer your questions about getting started. 
Working on or considering an Honors Thesis/Project in the Natural Sciences? CHC is holding a series of workshops for juniors in order to answer all your questions and cover what an Honors Thesis/Project involves. 
Working on or considering an Honors Thesis/Project in the humanities? CHC is holding a series of workshops for juniors in order to answer all your questions and cover what an Honors Thesis/Project involves. 

Internships and Employment

Applications are now open for undergraduate Peer Advising Assistant (PA) positions! If you are outgoing and enthusiastic, have a desire to learn more about the honors curriculum and help others, and are good with details and working independently, this job might be for you. PAs play an important... Read More

Campus Announcements and Activities

April 3: Resources for Research Kate Freedman - Reference Librarian, WEB DuBois Library  Explore the research and writing process in more depth. Find resources and strategies for researching your thesis or project. University librarian Kate Freedman will walk you through the steps of... Read More
The Massachusetts Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference welcomes students from any of the Commonwealth's public college and university campuses to present their research. This year's conference will be April 27, 2018 in the Campus Center. Learn more about the conference here.