Each year undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds from across the Massachusetts Public System of Higher Education gather to present the results of their original work in oral and poster presentations before their peers, faculty and the public. Students present work related to:


  • Thesis research
  • Creative work in the visual and performing arts
  • Independent study
  • Community service
  • Study abroad


First held in 1995 for the four undergraduate campuses of the UMass system, the conference has grown to involve more than 1000 students from nearly all of the public colleges and universities in Massachusetts.



This is an opportunity for you to

  • Learn to present academic work and experiences in a formal setting
  • Receive feedback from faculty and scholars in your field
  • Exchange ideas with other undergraduate scholars
  • Enhance your resume


Effective presentation skills are valuable for all future careers. The conference provides an excellent public forum to practice your skills, to explore your strengths and identify areas for improvement. It is an opportunity for you to share your work, to see the work of others in your field and other areas of study, and to give and receive valuable feedback.



You are eligible to apply for a presentation slot if you are an undergraduate student from any of the universities, colleges, and community colleges in the Massachusetts Public System of Higher Education.