Presentation Type: Individual

Working as an individual is exactly how it sounds. If you work individually you will be presenting alone and only you and your faculty sponsor’s name will be published with your abstract. As an individual you may do an oral or poster presentation.

Presentation Type:  Group

Working in a group is slightly more complicated than working individually but it can be fun and rewarding if you plan ahead and communicate with each other. It is important that you familiarize yourself with all the components of working in a group.

Quick info

  • As a group you may do a poster or an oral presentation.
  • A group will only turn in one abstract--submitted by the group leader.
  • Everyone in the group and your group’s faculty sponsor will be listed with that abstract in the conference materials.

When you decide you want to work in a group, the first step you need to take is to assign someone in your group as the Group Leader. The group leader has a number of responsibilities:

  • The group leader must register before anyone else in the group.
  • The group leader will be the one submitting the abstract for the entire group.
  • There is one group leader in every group. Everyone should agree on who the group leader will be and the person chosen should be aware of the added responsibility.
  • Every other person in the group must register as a group member. Group members do not need to submit an abstract.

Working as a group takes coordination and communication. Find a method of communication that works well for your group (i.e. meeting, email, chat)

Valuable tips for working in groups