These statistics pertain to students enrolled in Commonwealth Honors College.

  • Number of students that recently entered the Honors College:
    • Fall 2017 (entering first-years):   669
    • 2017-2018 (UMass students admitted as on-campus applicants):   379
  • Total number of Commonwealth Honors College students (fall 2017):   3,541

  • Percentage of UMass Amherst students in Commonwealth Honors College:   about 16%

  • Average honors class size:  16

  • Percentage of CHC students who self-identify as ALANA*:   24%

  • UMass faculty teaching honors courses:   319

  • Year Commonwealth College opened:   Fall 1999

  • Year the college name changed to Commonwealth Honors College:    Spring 2010

  • Number of honors alums:  more than 12,000

Earliest records of honors education at UMass Amherst:
1894 - first honors thesis
1960 - first campus-wide honors program that incorporated the arts & sciences as well as the professional schools

*African, Latin American, Asian, or Native American