CHC Student Ambassadors at UMass Amherst work with the Recruitment and Outreach Unit to provide support for outreach efforts to prospective students and families. Drawing on personal experiences, Student Ambassadors highlight the opportunities and benefits of an honors education in academic and co-curricular settings at UMass Amherst. Student Ambassadors serve as a resource for prospective students and their families in individual meetings, small groups, or as a panel member. In addition, they assist the college by providing reception support as needed. Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to:

  • Become part of a prestigious student program
  • Develop public speaking and other valuable professional skills
  • Develop a range of leadership experience



Student Ambassadors work as a part of the recruitment team with the Associate Dean of Recruitment, Advising, and Diversity, the Director of Student Programs, and the Student Ambassador Coordinator.



  • Conduct one-on-one information sessions with prospective students and parents
  • Greet and assist CHC third floor visitors
  • Respond to incoming telephone calls and email inquiries, as well as participate in telephone outreach to accepted students
  • Prepare and assemble materials and information for various outreach initiatives
  • Staff the CHC table at admissions recruitment events; participate in panels and other presentations as requested
  • Participate and assist in telephone outreach to accepted students
  • Coordinate prospective student visits to honors classes
  • Meet and brief alumni and other visitors about Commonwealth Honors College as needed
  • Be available to attend training and weekly meetings
  • Perform relevant additional tasks as requested



  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Experience in public speaking or group presentations
  • Basic office and computer skills
  • Enthusiasm and excitement for sharing the benefits of the CHC experience with prospective students and families
  • Professional interaction with internal and external constituents at all times
  • Must be an undergraduate Commonwealth Honors College student in good standing