Assistant Professor
Commonwealth Honors College Professor in Linguistics
Phone Number: 
(413) 545-0814

Why did you accept the position at UMass Amherst?
I looked forward to emerging myself in a research university and engaging in both experimental and theoretical work. I hope to inspire students to challenge themselves, ask questions and get involved in research themselves.

How would you describe Commonwealth Honors College as a community of scholars?
Honors students are excited about the material and express a great desire to learn. Learning goes beyond standard knowledge and past research, but is rather about students asking questions to expand their research.

What are some of the honors courses that you teach?
Introduction to Linguistic Theory (LINGUIST 201H).

On what topic was your dissertation? Why did you choose that topic?
My dissertation was on "Varieties of Clausal Subordination," which involves language acquisition, linguistic theory, syntax, semantics, and where we can leave out language based on previous contexts.

What are your hobbies outside of teaching?
Classical piano, violin and I love chamber music.