As an entering honors first-year student, you may join an Honors Residential Academic Program (RAP).

These programs offer students the opportunity to live together and study together. The courses selected as part of these programs assist you in meeting your General Education and Honors requirements. During the first semester, you'll take one or two courses with other honors students living on or near your floor. Each of these Honors RAPs is located within one of the two Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community first-year buildings, also designated as Residential First Year Experience Halls

Updated on 5/21/2018:

Most Honors RAPs are now full. If you would like a particular program, you can check its availability here. Students can make changes to their RAP until they leave their New Student Orientation session.

If you find there is an available space for which you are eligible, you can join that RAP here. Note: Honors RAP students must be roommates with each other so genders are paired. Therefore, you may see a space, but if it is opposite of your gender you will not be eligible to join that RAP.

If you want a RAP experience, but can't join an Honors RAP, consider joining another RAP at UMass Amherst

Only half of the first-year spaces in the Honors Residential Community are designated for Honors RAP students. The remaining spaces are available for honors students not in Honors RAPs. To find out more about the Housing Preference Application, use this link


If you have any questions, contact our office at (413) 545-2483. 



Fall 2018 Honors RAPs

For any CHC student:

For students in particular majors:

To see the University's full RAP selection, please look at the RAP website.