Presentation Format: Oral

As an oral presenter you will need to create a 10-minute presentation about your project. The oral sessions are a 45-minute time slot comprised of three presentations that will each be 10 minutes in length. The people in your oral panel session may come from different schools and may have different majors but there will be a common thread between your topics. The last 15 minutes are for the students to form a panel and answer any questions that the audience may have. An oral presentation will be facilitated by a session chair (usually a faculty or staff member). You may do an oral presentation as an individual or as a group.

Technical Information

  • A PC laptop computer, LCD projector and table at the front of the room will be provided in every oral presentation room. Do not plan on using your own laptop.
  • If you are using a PowerPoint presentation, bring the document on a USB flash drive. IMPORTANT-If you are using a PowerPoint presentation, save your presentation as a .ppt file ( the older version of PowerPoint). If you save your presentation as a .pptx file, it may not open on the laptop that is provided.
  • We strongly encourage you to email yourself a copy of your PowerPoint presentation file as a backup.
  • Please include your last name in the file name of your PowerPoint presentation in the following format: "[YOUR LAST NAME] - PRESENTATION".
  • If you need additional space than the table already provided, please request this when you register.
Presentation Format: Poster

The use of ePosterBoards or Printed Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are poster displays that you create to highlight the most important aspects of your project or research including tables, graphs, pictures and other visuals. You may do an poster presentation as an individual or as a group. You will create and hang your own poster or use an ePosterBoard (see example of ePosterBoard template here).

  • Poster presentations will be 45 minutes. Once you have submitted your abstract you will be assigned a time and location.
  • You will have 10 minutes before your presentation to set up your project. If you are using a printed poster, you will use the tacks provided to pin your poster to the board. 
  • You will have 5 minutes after your presentation has ended to take down your poster.
  • Each presenter will be provided with a display board that is 4’ x 4’ - this is where you will hang your poster. Or if you are using an ePosterBoard, bring your digital presentation on either a flash drive, iPhone, iPad or computer.
  • As a reminder, people will be walking around to view your posters. The materials that you put on your poster should be easily read from a distance. Make sure to include the title of your presentation and the author(s) in a slightly smaller sized font.
  • If you bring laptops or other devices that require power, just note that you will need to provide your own source of power. Laptops will need to run on battery power. Power cords are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • The UMass Amherst Conference Coordination team cannot provide poster printing services. If you would like a printed poster please plan in advance as these services tend to be very crowded close to the conference date.
  • Display tables are available for those presenters that have materials other than their poster that they need to display for their presentation. They are available on a first-come basis.

Additional information on preparing effective poster presentations