► Begin by carefully reading the Research Assistant Fellowship criteria and instructions.

► Identify a faculty sponsor.

► Print out the Research Assistant Fellowship Application Instructions and bring them with you when you meet with your faculty sponsor.

► After speaking with your faculty sponsor about the project you will be working on, begin writing your fellowship application essay.

► Have your faculty sponsor review your essay.

► Begin the online application. (You, the student, should initiate this.)

► Ensure that your faculty sponsor completes the sponsor portion of the application.

► Upload your student essay *after* it has been reviewed and approved by your faculty sponsor. NOTE: Once your essay is submitted, NO REVISIONS are allowed (by you or your faculty member).

► Ensure that your faculty sponsor uploads his/her project/supervision description.


Specific deadlines vary by year, but are typically in late March and October. Check with Commonwealth Honors College staff for the current schedule.

A Note About Timing

Always keep your eyes and ears open for a faculty sponsor or research proposal idea at any time.

You should begin writing your proposal and get in touch with your faculty sponsor at least a month before the deadline.

For more information on how a Research Assistant Fellowship may fit into the timeline of your academic career, see Advising Tips.