• Begin by carefully reading the Honors Research Grant criteria and instructions.
  • Identify a faculty sponsor.
  • Print out the Honors Research Grant Application Instructions and bring them with you when you meet with for your faculty sponsor.
  • After speaking with your faculty sponsor about the project you are interested in working on, begin drafting your research proposal.
  • Ask for sample grant proposals from your department or faculty sponsor. (Not all departments and sponsors have these available.)
  • Meet with your faculty sponsor regularly while writing and revising the proposal draft.
  • Get explicit final approval of your proposal from your faculty sponsor before uploading the proposal. Once submitted, the proposal cannot be revised by the student or faculty sponsor. *Give your sponsor enough time before the deadline to review the proposal, comment, and advise you on revisions.)*
  • Begin the application in CHC PATHS. (You, the student, should initiate this.)
  • Upload your student essay/proposal *after* it has been reviewed and approved by your faculty sponsor. NOTE: Once your proposal is submitted, NO REVISIONS are allowed (by you or your faculty member).
  • Let your faculty sponsor know when you submit your proposal and to be on the lookout for an automatic notification email from CHC PATHS. Sometimes these notification emails may be directed to a spam folder, so it is a good idea to follow up with your sponsor to be sure they have received the confirmation email, which contains a link to the proposal system.
  • Ensure your faculty sponsor has uploaded their letter of support and their curriculum vitae (CV).


Specific dates vary by year, but are typically in April and October. Check with CHC staff for the current schedule.

After submission, grant proposals are routed to schools and departments for independent faculty review, comment and rating.

You should receive notification regarding the status of your application by:

September – for April applicants.

January – for October applicants.

A Note About Timing

Always keep your eyes and ears open for a faculty sponsor or research proposal idea at any time.

You should begin writing your proposal and get in touch with your faculty sponsor at least a month before the deadline.

For more information on how an Honors Research Grant may fit into the timeline of your academic career, see Advising Tips.