Research is the hallmark of the honors student. From fullfilling your Honors Thesis/Project requirement, to working hands-on with faculty, to presenting at the Undergraduate Research Conference, you will gain the ability to do advanced work in a discipline. The advantages of gaining research skills while you are still an undergraduate student are numerous, and will serve you well in your chosen career. 

Getting Started

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin! Check out this page for helpful tips and starting points on research.

Honors Thesis/Project and Requirements

Get started your Honors Thesis or Project!

Undergraduate Research Conference

An annual one-day convening of undergraduate students from the 28 public colleges and universities across the Commonwealth who present their research, share knowledge, and learn from their peers.

Research Funding Opportunities

Commonwealth Honors College has several fellowships and grants that support research.


Find a Faculty Sponsor

Work closely with a faculty member for your honors thesis or project, the undergraduate research conference, or one of our grants or fellowships. 
Read more about finding a sponsor