The Celso Avelar Honors Research Grant is named in honor of a long-time member of the Commonwealth Honors College community, Celso Avelar.  Mr. Avelar led the information technology unit within the college from 1998 to 2013, making dramatic improvements to the college’s technical infrastructure and services. Now an Enterprise Architect with Microsoft’s Enterprise Strategy Program, Mr. Avelar has funded this research grant in recognition of the power of original research in deepening students’ intellectual development, preparing them for future academic and career pursuits, and contributing knowledge to the world.

Recipients should expect to provide a report and share their final research product with the donor, and will be invited to the College’s annual scholarship awards and donor appreciation event.

Scholarship Info


The Celso Avelar Honors Research Grant will provide funding of up to $1,000 to support student research with preference for non-partisan, data-driven research in the areas of gun violence in America or diversity. Proposals having to do with sustainability or climate change may also be considered.