Established in memory of Professor Howard Quint, former History Department Chair and co-founder of the Honors Program, the prize of approximately $500 is awarded jointly by the History Department and Commonwealth Honors College. Candidates are nominated by faculty from among senior students enrolled in Commonwealth Honors College, based on the student's academic record through the junior year, and are invited to submit a writing sample as part of the application process. Faculty nominators who have a specific student paper in mind, should specify that information so the student can submit it.

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The Howard H. Quint Memorial Prize in Honors was established by the Board of Trustees in 1982, with funds donated by colleagues and friends from throughout the United States to honor the memory of the late Professor Howard H. Quint.  Professor Quint was the author of several books.

The prize celebrates Professor Quint’s top priorities:  effective teaching, excellent scholarship, and good writing.  The selection process involves reviewing the academic records of Honors students who have completed their junior year.  A select number of the top students are invited to submit a sample of their written work already performed in one of their courses.  All of the students who are nominated are truly outstanding; they are all winners in the sense of being considered for the prize itself.