Honors RAPs

Honors Residential Academic Programs (RAP) are intentionally designed programs for honors students who want to live together and take honors courses together. A few Honors RAPs require a declared major (Isenberg School of Management and College of Engineering) and others are multidisciplinary, allowing any student interested in exploring the topic a bit more to join. 

Students who join Honors RAPs can more easily work on projects and study with their classmates since they live nearby. Students in Honors RAPs also tend to have more lively discussions in their courses since they know their classmates so well. You will be living with others who have similar interests. The Residence hall staff (RAs and Peer Mentors) hold programs that connect students in the Honors RAP with their faculty and with the topics of their Honors RAPs. Research has shown that students in Honors RAPs often have a better academic GPA after their first semester, demonstrating the academic support that comes as a result of being a part of one of these programs.

Yes, you are required to enroll in the main honors course (and seminar if it is a component of your RAP) that is a part of your Honors RAP. If there are any concerns regarding registration of the main course for the honors RAP (i.e. AP credits, time conflict, etc.), please speak with an honors advisor during New Students Orientation.

Yes, you must complete your Housing Preference application and confirm that you want to join the Honors RAP that is indicated. If you sign up for an Honors RAP after completing the Housing Preference Application, you will need to reconfirm your enrollment in the Honors RAP.

You will sign up for your Honors RAP courses when you attend your New Student Orientation in June or July. If you can’t attend a New Student Orientation session, an honors advisor will work closely with an advisor in your major to enroll you in your Honors RAP courses.

Honors RAPs are located in the two first-year buildings designated for Commonwealth Honors College students: Oak and Sycamore Hall, both located in the Honors Residential Community.

There are Honors RAPs associated with a specific college or major (i.e. BioTAP, Isenberg Honors RAPs, or Engineering Honors RAP) and Honors RAPs for students with any major. RAP-related courses can help you satisfy major, honors, and/or university requirements.

You will sign up for your RAP courses when you attend New Student Orientation. Please let your major and/or honors advisor know that you are in an Honors RAP and assess if and where the courses will count towards major, honors, and/or university requirements. 


Although many spaces in first-year halls in the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC) are designated for Honors RAP, the remaining spaces will be available for students who are not in Honors RAPs. Students interested in living in CHCRC who are not in an Honors RAP can submit the Housing Preference Application on SPIRE from early June through mid-July by:

•    Listing the Commonwealth Honors Community as their first preference.

•    Rank ordering at least three different areas of campus as their remaining choices.

An assignment in the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community is not guaranteed. Students will be assigned based on their randomly generated priority number. Students can view their housing assignment and roommate information on SPIRE starting in early August.


Honors RAPs are course-related programs located within first-year honors buildings. All students are eligible for honors housing, even if they are not in an Honors RAP.  There are a limited number of non RAP spaces in honors first-year buildings.

The Honors RAPs are designated to a particular building, so you must live in the building in which the program is designated.

You may meet someone who is in your Honors RAP in a variety of ways. When a student has signed up on the RAP sign up page (after being accepted and confirming their acceptance), then they may look at the list of students in their RAP who have decided to share their contact information. Some students choose to participate in the on-line roommate matching process that is offered by the Office of Residential Student Services. If you are in an Honors RAP, you will only be matched with others in your Honors RAP. If you don’t indicate you want a particular roommate, then you will be randomly assigned one.

Students must live with a roommate who is in their Honors RAP. There are a designated number of rooms on the Honors RAP floors for the exact number of students in the Honors RAP.

Yes, honors students can join non-Honors RAPs offered by the university, they are located outside of the buildings designated for honors students. Some are restricted by major or college.