Honors Residence Life

The Honors Residential Community opened in Fall 2013.

Many Commonwealth Honors College students live in the new Honors Residential Community. Home to about half of the students in Commonwealth Honors College, this state-of-the-art facility brings students, faculty, and staff together in a unique and exciting way at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Designed with modern aesthetics by award-winning architects, this community brings new energy to the core of the campus; it complements nearby facilities and includes open green spaces for students to enjoy college life and all it offers.


Housing in Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community includes:

  • Traditional style residential housing for first-year students
  • Suite and apartment living for upper-level students
  • Lounges for late night studying and socializing

Students often find that the living-learning experience in the residence hall complements their academic experience, as course-related discussions carry on outside of the classroom. Living near your classmates makes it easy for you to study and work on projects together. These connections can lead to friendships that last long after your first year of college is over.

Get to know your faculty better

Outstanding faculty members from a variety of disciplines teach honors courses. Instructors may be invited to your floor to have dinner, or you may find them on your team for a fun trivia program or bowling competition. Honors faculty are likely to become your mentors, trusted advisors, and eventually, references for you when you begin to pursue the path that follows your undergraduate career.

Honors Support

Living in the CHC Residential Community places you in close proximity to the Bloom Honors Advising Center where professional advisors and peer assistants are ready to help guide your academic path. In addition, first-year residents of the Honors Residential Community have an academic advisor designated to assist the students on their floor. A peer mentor also works on each floor to offer Honors and Residential Education programming for those living on the floor.


Easy Access to Honors faculty and staff:

  • Bloom Advising Center
  • The Dean’s office and all Honors staff offices
  • Two Faculty-in-Residence
  • Faculty offices
  • Nine classrooms

Honors Residential Academic Programs (RAPS)

First-year students living in the Honors Residential Community have the opportunity to live on the same floor with other first-year students and enroll in two or three Honors classes in common. In the two first-year residential buildings, Commonwealth Honors College offers several Honors Residential Academic Programs for students interested in this type of residential experience. Some of these residential programs are designed for students of the same major to live together on a floor and take common classes related to their discipline. Other Honors RAPs are multidisciplinary and appeal to students of any major who want to come together around a meaningful topic while also sharing living space and classes.


Honors students may also choose to join Residential Academic Programs located in other parts of campus.

Other Residential Community Amenities:

  • Convenient location on the west side of campus, on Commonwealth Avenue, near the Recreation Center and the main library
  • Short distance to other classrooms and facilities on campus
  • Wi-Fi available
  • A café - open 24/7 - for students to grab a quick meal or snacks
  • A uniquely-designed events room offering flexible seating for small or large honors programs



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