Pre-College Programs for High School Students


We want to give you a window into collegiate life this summer. Pre-college programs at UMass combine all the major elements of college, including great academics, living in a residence hall, and eating in our award-winning dining commons. Of course, it takes a little help to adjust to life on a college campus, so we have great live-in program assistants who are specially trained to help you get used to a new environment, both geographic and social. We have lots of great events in the evenings and on weekends that help you connect with other pre-college students.


The accommodations are brand new and our food has been rated the best in the country. Most importantly, though, our institutes give you the opportunity to create: All our institutes guide participants through the design and implementation of a final project.


The bulk of the weekdays are focused on your academic subject. Our offerings are below. You can see there is a wide range of great courses to choose from. UMass faculty and grad students represent the dedication of UMass Amherst to top-quality research and teaching. These courses will make you think. They will also give you a chance to try out various fields before having to decide on a major when you get to college. What is it really like to be a chemist? What kinds of engineering options are there? What is it like to perform Shakespeare at the college level? We hope you follow your curiousity and join us this summer at UMass Amherst!